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  • Our Coffee Roast

    Our Coffee Roast

    In essence, roasting coffee is pretty simple. Green beans are put in an oven and as the beans heat up they go through a chemical process and eventually turn brown. However, if you want to roast an exceptional coffee, this process takes a little more skill and patience to discover …Read More »
  • Our Coffee Range

    Our Coffee Range

    At present our coffee range of Single Origin roasts are available as beans or ground to your requirements in 250g sealed bags.  Products include: Kenyan Blue Mountain, Indian Cherry Robusta, Honduran Coffee Nicaraguan Coffee, Chinese Coffee, Decaf Coffee Beans Vietnamese Coffee Beans, Home Blend Coffee Beans, Colombian Coffee Beans Guatemalan …Read More »
  • Brewing Basics – Aeropress

    Brewing Basics – Aeropress

    Brewing Basics – THE AEROPRESS The AeroPress is a rather unusual coffee maker, it was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler, the inventor of the Aerobie throwing ring – hence its name. It’s a cheap, durable and very portable brewer that many coffee professionals take with them when they travel …Read More »
  • Brewing Basics – Moka Pot

    Brewing Basics – Moka Pot

    BREWING BASICS   STOVE-TOP  MOKA POT   Most homes have a moka pot in use or at least buried in a cupboard. It tends to produce very strong, very bitter coffee but it is sufficiently palatable to espresso drinkers.   The patent for moka pot belongs to Alfonso Bialetti who …Read More »
  • Brewing Basics-Cafetiere

    Brewing Basics-Cafetiere

                                Brewing Basics          Cafetiere (French Press) Cafetiere also known as French Press or Coffee plunger, is probably the most underrated method of brewing coffee. It is cheap, easy, repeatable and just about everyone …Read More »
  • What is in a coffee?

    What is in a coffee?

    What’s in a coffee? There has been a lot of press lately about ‘just a coffee’ since some burger joint decided to make adverts having a dig at the coffee industry! So in this post we are going to look at some of the drinks we make at Relish and …Read More »
  • How do you like your coffee?

    How do you like your coffee?

    How do you like your coffee? If we were to ask you how do you like your coffee made your answer would be along the lines of with milk and sugar, or black or similar but how many of you have a favourite brewing method? Here we will talk about …Read More »
Today the humble coffee bean has become part of our everyday life. Despite being one of the most popular beverages on the planet, many people have little knowledge about what they drink every day. 

Legend has it that coffee was discovered by a goat herder named Kaldi who noticed his animals getting jittery after eating ripe coffee cherries – yes the coffee bean is actually a fruit!

It was from here in Ethiopia that the first coffee trees were cultivated. Coffee is now produced in many countries and we currently source our beans direct from local farmers in Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Columbia and Peru.

The two coffee strains are arabica and robusta. Robusta has a high caffeine content and the plant is more disease resistant. Arabica contains 50% more lipids and has a higher sugar content, this leads to higher acidity from which more complex flavours and aromas can be created.

In one study, results showed a direct relation between lipid content and beverage quality – which is why we use arabica beans for all of our coffee roasting.

At present our range of four single origin roasts from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Peru are available as beans or ground to your requirements in 250g sealed bags.