Our Roast

In essence, roasting coffee is pretty simple.

Green beans are put in an oven and as the beans heat up they go through a chemical process and eventually turn brown. However, if you want to roast an exceptional coffee, this process takes a little more skill and patience to discover optimum flavours. The key ingredients to a good roast starts with the quality of the bean – we buy our organically grown beans, direct from the farmers to ensure we get the best.

We’re proud of our roaster, it has served us well – it rotates the coffee beans in a continuously spinning drum heated by jets of hot air. During this process the chemical reactions begin to take place turning the bean from green to various shades of brown which is a result of the sugars being drawn out by the heat in a caramelisation process.

The strength of the coffee will remain the same but the power of the flavour is dependent on the roast – light, medium and dark. We roast in small batches. This gives us the flexibility to experiment with the relationship between time and temperature in order to maximise flavours.

So if you really wanted to, we could in fact provide you with a particular roast all of your own. ​