Brewing Basics – THE AEROPRESS

7 May 2021

The AeroPress is a rather unusual coffee maker, it was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler, the inventor of the Aerobie throwing ring – hence its name. It’s a cheap, durable and very portable brewer that many coffee professionals take with them when they travel around the world. This brewer is very easy to clean.

AeroPress combines two different brewing methods. Initially the water and coffee steep together, as they would in French press. However , to complete the brew, a piston is used to push the water through the grounds and then through a paper filter. Like espresso and filter coffee maker.

Compared with other brewers, the number of different recipes and techniques that can be used that can be used with AeroPress is enormous. There is even a competition each year for the best technique, which started in Norway but has ended up growing into an international event. Each year the organizers publish the top three methods from the competitions on their website.

Ratio and grind size

The relationship between grind size, brew time and the amount of brewing water used is incredibly important here. For best results with an AeroPress, you should first decide what kind of cup of coffee you want to drink.

  • If you want to brew something short and strong, I suggest starting with a ratio of 100g/1 litre. If you want to brew a little quicker then you will need to grind relatively fine. You can use a coarser grind if you choose but you will need to extend the brewing time for best results
  • If you want something closer to a regular cup of coffee, I suggest using a ratio of 75g/1Litre. This is the same ratio as that recommended for the French press because this is also an immersion brewing method. again , you can match your brewing time to your grind size.

Traditional Method

  • Be sure to weigh the coffee first.
  • Put a filter paper into the filter holder and lock into the body of the brewer.
  • Run some hot water through to heat the brewer and rinse the paper.
  • Place a mug on your digital scales, put the main part of the brewer on top and add the coffee
  • Turn on the scales, then add the desired amount of hot water to the AeroPress. ( For example for 15 g of coffee add 200ml (200g) of water) Start a timer.
  • Give the coffee a quick stir, then put the piston part of the AeroPress in place. Make sure it seals but don’t push down yet. This creates a vacuum above the coffee preventing the liquid from dripping out of the bottom of the brewer before you want it to.
  • After a period of brewing (would recommend starting with one minute) take the mug and brewer off the scales and slowly push down the plunger until all the liquid has been expelled.
  • Pull the piston back a few centimeters to stop the brewer from dripping when you discard the spent coffee.

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