How do you like your coffee?

7 June 2023

How do you like your coffee?

If we were to ask you how do you like your coffee made your answer would be along the lines of with milk and sugar, or black or similar but how many of you have a favourite brewing method? Here we will talk about several of these methods and some pros and ‘cons’ (if there can be a con of good coffee) of them.

We should probably tell you a little about ourselves first though as you may be thinking “What qualifies you to give me this information?” Well we are a small Coffee Roasting company based in the beautiful seaside town of Whitley Bay owned and operated by Polat, of Turkish origin Polat has a real passion for coffee and me, Mike manager of Relish, Head Roaster at Relish Coffee Co and addict (Coffee of course). We don’t pretend to be experts on coffee but do feel we are getting there.

Onto the point of this ‘blog’ we should probably start with a few of the most well known methods so

Espresso– One of the main ones used by most coffee shops- makes Cappuccino, Latte, Americano and of course Espresso (with an S not an X) a finely ground coffee with hot water forced through the tamped grounds to create a short intense coffee to which steamed/foamed/texturised milk or water can be added to make your coffee shop favourites.
Pros- Great Coffee/ Versatile
Cons-Good machine can be very expensive

Filter Machine– take slightly coarse ground coffee placed into usually a paper filter and machine will pour hot water through the coffee usually into a pot, used by both coffee shops and home due to the ability to make a pot to make several cups at a time.
Pros- Easy to use/ Make several cups in one go
Cons- Not viewed as ‘strong’

Dripper (manual filter) – Very similar to Filter machine. Take dripper, place cloth filter, slightly coarse ground coffee, slowly pour hot water over coffee and enjoy.

Pros-Easy to use/ Great coffee/ Affordable
Cons- Only makes one cup at a time

French Press/ Cafetiere – Warm cafetiere (important), Place desired amount Coarse ground coffee, pour just off boil water over, stir, place lid with plunger on (do not plunge yet) wait 4 minutes, plunge, pour, enjoy.
Pros – Affordable
Cons – Can be messy/ grounds in coffee

Chemex – Slower brewed ‘filter’ coffee due to slightly thicker filter, Coarse ground coffee, hot water, makes a much richer coffee
Pros- Looks great/ Great Cup
Cons- Expensive/ Easy broken.

These are but a few methods of making great coffee there are many more but the most important thing to remember is using great coffee and the correct grind (don’t be fooled by ‘Ground for all coffee makers’ you quite often see) My particular favourite out of all these for my home making is the coffee dripper, great because of the cloth filter that just needs rinsed once grounds been discarded (Don’t bin them, keep them for the garden… look out for future blog), because of the ease and the taste from it.

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