What is in a coffee?

20 May 2017

What’s in a coffee?

There has been a lot of press lately about ‘just a coffee’ since some burger joint decided to make adverts having a dig at the coffee industry! So in this post we are going to look at some of the drinks we make at Relish and many other coffee shops around the country also do, also maybe dispel the myth that none of these are also ‘just a coffee’, after this you can decide what makes ‘normal’… After all it is your drink!

Latte:-A shot of espresso, steamed milk topped with a little foamed milk- Aka- Milky Coffee

Cappuccino:-A shot of espresso, steamed milk & foamed milk often topped with a dusting of chocolate- Aka- Frothy Coffee

Americano:-Hot water, a shot or two of espresso served with or without milk dependant on taste- Aka- Black (or white) Coffee

Filter:-Covered on last blog, simply coffee brewed into a jug and served with or without milk- Aka- black (or white) coffee

Flat White:-A shot or two of espresso, texturised (silky) milk- Aka smooth milky coffee

Espresso:-One shot of espresso served with a small glass of water- Aka One of those little coffees

Doppio Espresso:-See above x2 (but not 2 glasses of water)- Aka- Wow!

Espresso Con Panna:-Shot of Espresso topped with whipped cream- Aka- Really? Whipped cream?

Café Bombon:-Espresso and condensed milk (usually regarded as a dessert coffee)- Aka- Sorry what??

Turkish/Greek/Arabic Coffee:-Short coffee brewed with the grounds (unlike espresso which is brewed through the grounds) served with small glass of water- Aka- Wow! Wow! Wow!

Cortado:-Shot or two of Espresso mixed with roughly the same amount of warm milk- Aka- What was this called again?

Macchiato:-Shot or two of Espresso topped with a little foamed milk- Aka- So is this the same as a cortado?

Mocha:-Shot or two of Espresso topped with hot chocolate- Aka- Chocolate coffee

Cold Brew:-Slow brewed coffee with cold water often flavoured and can be served carbonated- Aka-FIZZY COFFEE???? Really??

Caramel Macchiato:-?? ‘Made up’ drink, vanilla flavoured latte with caramel drizzle (teehee) -Aka- *on phone* Hi can’t speak I’m in Starbucks writing my novel

This may seem like a cop out for a blog post but we feel that a lot of the menu items seem to be confusing as we as an industry possibly haven’t explained what they are and just expect people to ‘guess’ so we feel this is very important in ‘educating’ in them.

We hope that this long list (although we are sure that this isn’t them all) helps let you know what each of the ‘other’ coffees are and can help you decide which you would prefer and which of them are actually still ‘just a coffee’ after all what is ‘a normal coffee’??

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