What Is Omni Roast

7 June 2023

Hey coffee lovers! Are you familiar with omni coffee roasting? It’s a fancy term that’s been buzzing around the coffee world lately. Basically, it’s a roasting method that lets you create coffee beans that work for all kinds of brewing methods – like espresso, filter, or immersion. This means you get a wider variety of delicious coffee options to choose from!

So, how does omni roasting work? First, the beans get dried out, then they turn a lovely brown color and release some oils. Finally, they’re roasted to perfection for a unique and tasty flavour.

The taste of your omni roasted coffee depends on all sorts of things, like where the beans came from, how dark they were roasted, and how you’re brewing them. Usually, omni roasted coffee is a medium to medium-dark roast. This way, you get to taste all the cool flavours that make each bean unique, without losing any of them due to over-roasting.

At Relish coffee, we’re proud to say that omni roasting is the way we do our Home Blend. Our roaster use this method to create a wide selection of delicious coffee beans that can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter how they like their coffee.

Our friendly staff can help you choose the perfect beans for your taste buds and brewing preferences. So, come on in and explore the amazing selection of beans we have available. From fruity and bright to deep and chocolatey, we’ve got something for everyone.

Just remember that omni roasting takes a lot of trial and error to get the perfect roast for each bean and brewing method. But, our team of experts knows exactly how to get the best out of each bean and how to match it with the right brewing method.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on in and relish the coffee experience with us!


Head Roaster ☕️

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